I’m a devout and voracious readers of other blogs and an admirer of many writers who do this blog thing every day, every week. I never thought that I would launch this initiative. (Thank you frank team members for kicking this into gear!). And look what happened with that.

As for blogging, I lament the lack of diversity topics on most blogs and platforms. I made many excuses about why I couldn’t do this, but I complained about the lack of otherness and difference in the PR blogosphere. But an intersection of events–Black History Month, change in the White House, teaching a graduate-level diversity in strategic communication class–made me re-evaluate and re-assess.

Instead of talking about it, I should do something about it. Thus, I put this blog thing under my rubric and litmus test: If I didn’t do this, who would do it? If I didn’t start this now, when would this public platform get going?

So, welcome to The Requisite Variety, a blog to discuss ideas, topics and research related to difference in public relations practice. Now is the time, and although I may be the primary author, all of us have a chance to contribute to the discussions of diversity.

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